Challenge #1 – Doodle 

Challenge #2 – Create a Tag/Adoption
(line and tube created by Sicara)




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Challenge #3 – Squirrelly Palette

Challenge #4 – Collectible

Challenge #5 – Tutorial

Squirrelly Event

Turtle Tag:
Create a cute tag or adoption to share with the group, make sure to include a turtle!
credits: DE

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Turtle Doodle:
Create something from this little doodle! 
became a mushroom>mushroomglass>glass

Turtle Palette:
Get your green on! Create your green palette, perhaps some brown for your turtles.

Turtle Collectible:
Let’s put our little turtle in an aquarium! credits EE & HBP

Turtle Tutorial:
Create your own little turtle and animate him!

Sicara’s turtle was the inspiration for mine.

Turtle Week Event

Welcome to Yah Yah Event

1. Stickerbook front-personalize
2. Stickerbook opened- decorate to your liking
3. Babybear- color and create a shareable tag
4. Blinkie 1 and 2- create a blinkie (you can change colors if you wish- use as a template)
5. Doodle line- create something (1 or more) from the doodle (whatever you create is yours)
6. Stamp- create sharing stamps for other members to collect



Welcome to Yah Yah Event